What is the UPBEATDOWN?

What is the UPBEATDOWN?

Life gives us mountain top experiences and Death Valley moments. 


All of us have experienced these high and low spikes. They have given us some of the most memorable times in our life. 

Or they’ve been the source of pain and hurt that we are currently experiencing (Or a struggle that we can't seem to get past... It sucks, I know...)


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At one moment, life can be full of sunshine and blue skies, birds chirping while you joyfully skip your way to work.

Then, with a blink of an eye, life can become dark with thunderstorms and everyone you see can f-off. 

The danger I found myself in both these experiences, is that I kept them to myself. There’s no way I could share the dark moments with my loved ones or friends. What would they think of me? Would they judge? Would our friendship be different? (And yes, unfortunately, my relationship with some of my “friends” did change because of my brokenness. That’s for another post.)


If you see yourself as creative, artist, designer, or a human being, this blog may be of some use to you.

As a creative-type myself, I’ve had my share of mountain top bliss and Death Valley agony. These are moments of creating something wonderful and the times of feeling so alone that no one truly understands the struggle that you feel inside. 

Life is not meant to be lived/experienced/shared alone. UPBEATDOWN is all about discussing and sharing life moments.

The tagline for this blog is: “Celebrating the joy, hope, and struggles of life.”

My goal/hope from sharing my experiences is that you can somehow relate to and see that you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. We may not experience the same situation but our feelings and thoughts may be the same.

I’m here to celebrate alongside you, to offer hope, humor, and encouragement.

Here’s to sharing life together!


-Steve D.


P.S. A word about hope. My hope comes from being a follower of Jesus. He has changed my heart for the better and I am in no way perfect nor claim to have my life “ altogether.” I have failed time and time again but I know my Savior still loves me (Even though it’s difficult to accept at times!) I strive daily to be more like Jesus and it’s become a daily battle between my physical and emotional self and my spiritual self. My daily strength comes from the power of the Holy Spirit.